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Aluminium foundry sand casting & gravity die casting

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Skills & Corporate Culture

Aluminium Foundry ALUDEV produces cast aluminium parts through the Sand and Gravity die casting processes, from prototype to small series.

ALUDEV respond to your production request within a very short period of time. Our team of qualified professionals is at your disposal to produce a wide range of parts weighing from a few grams to 100 kg.

ALUDEV and its local network of subcontractors, provide a complete provision of finished sub-assemblies for machining and surface treatment.

Service, advice, availability, technical manufacturing skill are part of the values we are constantly working on in order to maintain ALUTHEA GROUP reputation for excellence.

A stable industrial shareholding with a long-term vision:
A social pact built around this strategic vision (training, profit-sharing…)
A professional management able to unite staff around this vision

A dynamic able to:
Continually evolving to meet clients' needs
Promote continuous process improvement
Skills & Corporate Culture



    • ALUDEV
      ZAC Les Grandes Terres
      42260 Saint Germain Laval

      Tél. : +33 (0)4 77 87 01 67
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