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An editorial by the two managers: Hugo Texier and Paul Marino.

An editorial by the two managers: Hugo Texier and Paul Marino.

Aluthea: an ethical group, long-lasting ambitions.

The ALUTHEA group aims to provide to its customers the benefit of a multi-technologies partnership in manufacturing parts and sub-assemblies according to the aluminum foundry process.

To that end, we master the core technologies in foundry : tooling, sand casting, gravity die casting, low-pressure die casting, high-pressure die casting, together with two essential components for foundry : machining & surface treatment.

Our possibilities of intervention involve the study & development of the part and its tool, foundry operations according to the existing technologies, the steering of potential operations of finishing via outsourcing (painting, treatments, assembling), and the delivery of goods, fully controlled through a well-mastered process.

All of these services of aluminum foundry parts manufacturing are controlled by our Quality Department, ISO 9001 certified.

Thanks to our technical skills gained for fourty years and our optimal geographic presence, the Aluthea group has given itself the means to deliver high quality services at a very competitive price.
A stable industrial shareholding with a long-term vision

Professional management. A social pact built around this strategic vision.

About us

About us

2001 – Michel BARBIER DE LA SERRE founded the ALUTHA Group through leveraged buyouts (LBOs) with ALUTEC  ; which aims to federate the various technologies of aluminium castings

2004 - takeover of FUNDICAO DE EVORA a pressure foundry in FUNDICAO DE EVORA Portugal

2005 - Implementation and start up of TECALU TECALU, a foundry of gravity aluminum die casting based in FOUCHANA (Tunisia) on the outskirts of Tunis
2011 –LBOs settlement instalment

2014 - Takeover of F2AC, a sand and gravity die casting foundry in Saint Germain Laval (France) under the new brand name ALUDEV. ALUDEV.
Key Figures

Key Figures

4 industrial sites : Nantoin (France), Saint Germain Laval (France),Fouchana (Tunisia),Evora (Portugal)
15000 m² of production site
300 employees
32 millions Euros turnover
40% growth in two years


2 M € (6,5% of turnover) the last two years

Main investments carried out :
Low pressure die casting workshop
Machining workshop
2 new injection molding machines
Expansion of existing buildings of TECALU in Tunisia (3rd part)
Robotization of smelting operations of gravity die casting finish and pressure die casting
2 new sites Fundicao de Evora (Portugal)


ALUTHEA Group makes it a point of honour to continuously harness the skills of all its employees to provide under the best possible conditions of creativity, quality of service and on-time performance the high-quality services expected by their customers.
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