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An editorial by the two managing directors : Hugo Texier and Paul Marino.

An editorial by the two managing directors : Hugo Texier and Paul Marino.

ALUTHEA : ethical group and long-lasting ambitions.
ALUTHEA Group aim to provide its customers the value in multi technology partnership to create parts and sub-assemblies according to aluminum foundry process.
On that point, ressources have been implemented to master the key technologies in Foundry : sand casting, gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, high pressure die casting together with two essential components for the foundry : machining & surface treatment.
Its possibilities of intervention are ranging from study&development of the part and its tool and  foundry operations among the various techniques that may be used to machining or steering any operations of subcontracted finishing : painting, treatments, assembling… Delivery of the goods is fully controlled through a well-mastered process.
Aluthea Group has given itself the means to provide high value added services at a very competitive price.
A stable industrial shareholding with a long-term vision

Professional management. A social pact built around this strategic vision.

About us

About us

2001 – Michel BARBIER DE LA SERRE founded the ALUTHA Group through leveraged buyouts (LBOs) with ALUTEC  ; which aims to federate the various technologies of aluminium castings

2004 - takeover of FUNDICAO DE EVORA a pressure foundry in FUNDICAO DE EVORA Portugal

2005 - Implementation and start up of TECALU TECALU, a foundry of gravity aluminum die casting based in FOUCHANA (Tunisia) on the outskirts of Tunis
2011 –LBOs settlement instalment

2014 - Takeover of F2AC, a sand and gravity die casting foundry in Saint Germain Laval (France) under the new brand name ALUDEV. ALUDEV.
Key Figures

Key Figures

4 industrial sites : Nantoin (France), Saint Germain Laval (France),Fouchana (Tunisia),Evora (Portugal)
15000 m² of production site
300 employees
32 millions Euros turnover
40% growth in two years


2 M € (6,5% of turnover) the last two years

Main investments carried out :
Low pressure die casting workshop
Machining workshop
2 new injection molding machines
Expansion of existing buildings of TECALU in Tunisia (3rd part)
Robotization of smelting operations of gravity die casting finish and pressure die casting
2 new sites Fundicao de Evora (Portugal)


ALUTHEA Group makes it a point of honour to continuously harness the skills of all its employees to provide under the best possible conditions of creativity, quality of service and on-time performance the high-quality services expected by their customers.
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